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A New Future With Battery Powered Blinds

Sun Protection

Remote control roller blinds are a perfect addition to the modern-day home or office. No longer seen as the exclusive luxury of the elite, remote control blinds offer a tangible solution to blind cord safety issues and of course those hard to reach areas.

With technological advances in battery development it is now possible to have motors with built in batteries and radio receivers. Flexible, simple to install, no battery pack or wands, no visible wires and more importantly no need for an electrician. With this comes the added benefit of easy retrofitting without the need for chasing walls or damaging decoration. Contemporary controls allow operation of single or multiple blinds, with all of the initial setting made from the transmitter.

The new rechargeable Raex T25D offers all of these advantages. The motor is recharged, using a charger no bigger than a phone charger. Once the battery is depleted, the motor is simply recharged again, so no need for throwing away old batteries.