AVBL From Becker Motors UK . Europa House

Wharf Road

Burton Unpon Trent

DE14 1PZ

United Kingdom

Advancing for Convenience

Demands of modern day life welcome any contributions that make things easier and effortless. Electric and Battery operated motorised Curtain Tracks are now advancing to do just that. From the Raex range of made to measure systems you can connect to any Android, IPhone device or Home Automation system to have complete control.

Fully operational from a free app download used in conjunction with an inexpensive smart system (Contact for Details) you can operate them from anywhere in the world. The IPhone and Android apps are not just about making things easier, with the constant changing interruptions in our lives pulling us in all directions they also offer convenience, whether we are in the home or not we can open or close the Curtains.

If this sounds too complicated there is a much simpler motorised way, you can always try the Timer remote control. This is set in a similar way as an alarm clock and sends out an open or close signal from the remote, at the set time, whether you are at home or not. This also acts as a security feature simulating occupancy when a property is left unattended.

The range of Electric Curtain Track systems cover Commercial, Domestic, Home Automation, Stage and theatre, Hotel, Home Cinema and many more types of applications. Bay window and Custom bending is all kept in house in the UK Facility to offer an efficient service and give the customer complete control.