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Energy Saving With Automation

Making Life Easier

Automation ensures comfort and ease Curtains and Blinds

The sun begins to shine, the blinds close; the patio awning automatically extends as the sun blazes down in the afternoon – the trend towards sun protection automation looks likely to continue. Where once the ultimate selling point was “comfort”, today the principal of “energy saving” is also a reason for purchasing automation systems. It is the high-technology behind the scenes that enables this level of comfort.

Whether cooker, coffee machine or heating system – almost everything in modern homes works at the push of a button or is fully automatic. Consequently blinds and awnings are more commonly opened and closed by the push of a button. The first generation buttons were quickly joined by electronic solutions which raise and lower roller blinds fully automatically at the desired time. This enables additional functions such as a holiday function, which, by automatically opening and closing roller blinds, creates the perception that your home is occupied even when you are away, thus deterring burglars.

Energy efficiency demands progress

These high-tech features were initially purchased by homeowners who wished to treat themselves to a bit of luxury. However, as more European regulations come into force specifying how energy efficient a building must be, automation presents a convincing argument.  During the summer months, sun protection systems reduce the temperature in homes and offices, meaning air conditioning systems are often unnecessary. The energy saving potential is enormous: According to a study by the Physibel-Institute Maldegem in Belgium, modern sun protection systems can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) required for the heating and cooling of buildings by approximately 111 million metric tons throughout Europe.

Value enhancement due to energy saving

Alongside improving the energy efficiency of their home, homeowners find that automation systems can also increases the actual value of the property.

Outstanding comfort

Roller blind automation systems make energy saving even more comfortable, e.g. with the aid of the Timer Control, Raex YRL2016. The standard version of this timer opens and closes roller blinds at the precise time in the mornings and evenings – if desired.

Automation systems are easy to use and available in stylish designs. Both these criteria are fulfilled by Raex handheld transmitters in the series. Raex Motors has always placed great emphasis on the style and effectiveness of its products.

The key: High-tech products

Save energy and increase the comfort of your home – this is only possible with sophisticated technology. For example: The handheld transmitters offer 6 freely assignable channels which can be used to control roller blinds. Just one handheld transmitter can be used to operate all the roller blinds throughout a house or apartment.

Today, there are numerous easy ways to install home automation. Furthermore, the retrofitting of existing electrical drives with respective automation systems does not have to be expensive. Radio-controlled solutions are easy to install – and provide outstanding comfort without having to lay messy cables throughout the house.

Electric Curtains for every setting. What ever the power available we have a solutionElectric Curtains for every setting. What ever the power available we have a solutionElectric Curtains for every setting. What ever the power available we have a solutionElectric Curtains for every setting. What ever the power available we have a solution