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Looking Ahead At The Future

Raex takes a look at future trends

Sun protection automation makes modern life much easier and flexible. But the question which inevitably arises is - what is currently available? and what can we expect in the future? We explain the current position and take a look at tomorrow’s trends.

Automated sun protection is still in its infancy and is perceived as a high end product, this offers the discerning manufacturer a credible financial incentive. Taking advantage of the motorised tube assemblies we have on offer helps remove the headache of stocking problems for our customers, which helps assist the potential of this added revenue stream and should attract some serious consideration. Majority of end users surveyed thought that electrically-operated blinds and awnings were more comfortable and time saving with 60 percent believing that they actually increase the value of a property.

High-level comfort

Today, electric motors offer outstanding comfort – from entry level to high-end. Simple electric motors make manual operation a thing of the past, opening and closing blinds with ease.

Automation systems have come a long way in recent years. The basic controls are available with multi-channel options and can come with timer control options.

Ergonomics and design are the key

There are a few trends that can already be identified. Manufacturers and specialist retailers must take full advantage of them.

Functions of a control must be designed for maximum comfort and easy to understand.  The functionality should lend itself to many different scenarios like timer control, building and home management systems and of course be able to work on a smart phone. 

A Greener Alternative

The market of tomorrow will see solar power taking the place of mainstream mains powered applications. Raex are working on the development of solar powered systems for sun protection applications. Solar power will become more “everyday” and less specialist as the technology improves and progresses.