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Electric Curtains and Blinds are a perfect way to block out light or help maintain room temperature and come in many different styles to suit your taste. With the Raex Electric Curtain track range we have a collection of solutions to suit every style and necessity. Effortless and quiet in operation the Radio 360 delivers uncompromised functionality to give that touch of luxury expected from innovative technology. As well as Remote control the Curtains can be gently tugged to open or close.The systems are self-setting, comes with an option of 2 special positions personal to you and has a Soft Start and Soft Stop feature to add that bit of class your home deserves. The latest developments in technology has brought to market the Raex WiFi Curtain track system.It is controlled directly off your phone with no need for an additional smart hub.  The motor gives feedback to tell you if the curtains are open or closed wherever you are in the world.  It is completely compatible with Alexa and Google assist voice control.  In the event of a power cut the Curtains can be operated as if a manual system by pulling them to open or close.

Electric Curtains and Blinds

The Way Forward With Motorised Sun Protection Systems

Automated sun protection is a perfect addition to the modern-day home or office. No longer seen as the exclusive luxury of the elite, remote control motorised Curtains or blinds offer a tangible solution to blind cord safety issues and of course those hard to reach areas.

With technological advances in battery development it is now even possible to have Curtain or Blind motors with built in batteries and radio receivers. Flexible, simple to install, no battery pack or wands, no visible wires and more importantly no need for an electrician. With this comes the added benefit of easy retrofitting without the need for chasing walls or damaging decoration. Contemporary controls allow operation of single or multiple motorised blinds and Curtains, with all of the initial setting made from the transmitter. We have an extensive range in motorising applications such as-

  • Electric Roman Blinds
  • Electric Curtain Tracks (Battery and Mains Powered)
  • Electric Venetians Blinds
  • Electric Pleated Blinds
  • Electric Roller Blinds (Battery, Low Voltage and Mains Powered)
  • Electric Japanese Panel Blinds

Modern day motorised Blinds systems provide-

• Thermal insulation

• Sun protection

• Reduction in noise pollution

• Privacy

• Inbuilt radio control

Home Automation plays a big part in to today’s society, with more and more business and domestic users opting for a system that can be controlled via a Smart system, iPad or iPhone.  It is no wonder that more home owners are looking at this as a considered option because surveys have suggested that Electric Curtains and Blinds can actually increase the saleability of the property as well as providing that little bit of comfort in the process.  Modern day technology is nothing to be concerned about for electric window coverings, time has proven the reliability of them and with current advancements, particularly the WiFi controlled options, they can be set up to pretty much work by themselves based on the scenario you want to set up.  Through using Home Automation applications for your Curtains, Roman and Blinds, you can help control building temperature and simulate occupancy, for security, of the building by setting the Electric Romans, Blinds or Electric Curtains to open and close automatically, giving you that peace of mind and extra sanctuary. Motorised curtains, in particular, can actually shut a whole room down at the push of a button and reduce the reverberation sometimes incurred in new or renovated properties letting you control the acoustics of the area.

It is important to try to be innovative with a product range to give more options for the customer experience, we are therefore pleased with to announce our latest release of the 28mm diameter curtain pole.  While we have kept a conventional look to the pole it has all the modern technology and features previously mentioned, including smart phone and WiFi with Alexa or Google assistant compatibility.

The Raex range of motors can be integrated discretely from view, with solutions that don't require any interference to your Interior Decorations or Soft Furnishings. Our design Team will be delighted to advise on solutions to suit your application, please feel free to contact us.

Control Your Electric Blinds and Curtains

The range of remote controls possess intelligent features, such as the intermediate position, Timer function and single or grouped control to operate your Electric Curtains and Electric Blinds together or individually. There is a varied range of Handheld or wall mounted options to suit every application. You may be thinking this all sounds very good but how much does it cost, well may be quite surprised how affordable it is.

All our products are supported by a wide range accessories to suit your personal requirements. This is particularly important with Audio Visual systems offering a varied array of integration possibilities. Giving the end user complete autonomy in their choice of AV interface and the possible to connect with virtually all home Smart systems.

For all your motorised needs, contact us on 01283 536700

WiFi Electric Curtain and Blind systems compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

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