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Rechargeable Battery Roller Blind Motor - Lithium ion

  • Quiet, smooth operation.
  • Integrated radio receiver and Rechargeable Battery
  • Easy setting of limits from the remote, Timer Control Option
  • Single and group command possible with up to 16 transmitters
  • Can be supplied as a motorised Roller Kit c/w Tube & Brackets on a 38mm Tube or supplied with adapters to suit other Roller Blind systems

Battery Powered Roller Bind Motor

Electric cabling is often an afterthought when it comes to motorising roller blinds, leaving you with the notion that it is to late to motorise your blinds, well, even that scenario is now rectifiable.The TQL25 Radio Controlled Roller Blind Motor comes with a built in Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery as a compact and neatly integrated system.  Designed for convenience and todays needs, the TQL25 is more than just a Quiet Tubular motor, it is a flexible all in one motor for every scenario and ideal for those places where running cable is not an option. 

Some of the advantages of integrated battery motors is there is no need for additional wires, Power packs, Wands or the cost of an Electrician that can come with Traditional systems.  You just insert the Motor into the tube and then fit the Roller Blind in the normal way.  The TQL25 is self-contained with a small charging point on the head of the motor, where it can be charged in its fixed location.  Charges, based on one open and one close per day, can last up to 6 plus months before it requires charging again.  

The TQL25 is an affordable and completely Child Safe Solution- with no hanging cords or loops.

Motorised Roller Blind Assemblies

In some cases, it is not always desirable to replace the whole window blind to make it motorised.  Sometimes you like what you already have but just want to take it a step further and make it a remote control blind, well, we can offer a solution for that to.  The TQL25 Rechargeable motor can come as part of a motorised roller assembly, including tube, brackets and motor, which we cut to size and supply as a complete motorised roller, all you need to do is add your fabric.  This can quite easily be done by removing the fabric from the original blind and using tape fix it to one of our motorised assemblies.  The battery motor fits into a 38mm and 40mm tube, you may already have a blind that is compatible.  We also offer this service for electric roller blind assemblies using 45mm, 60mm and 80mm tube systems depending on the size of the blind.  

The benefits and problem free aspects of the rechargeable motor system are easy to understand but sometimes, even with a battery system, it is not always accessible to get to your blind to recharge it.  So, for those tricky out of the way places, you can use the Solar Panel to trickle charge the Lithium Ion Battery Motor which will also prolong the battery life between charges.  Simply fit the solar panel during the initial installation and plug it into the motor.  Then you can leave it to the sun to keep you going. 

Consultancy Service:

With over 25 years experience in automation and design we can help find the best solution for your project and if there isn't one currently on the market, in most cases, we will develop you one.  Call our office more details