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Hard Wired Electric Curtains

  • Quiet, DC motor, (AC Control)
  • Touch control technology, gently pull the curtain to open or close them
  • Integrated control ensures operation of the curtain manually in case of power failure
  • External Switch Control, 4 Wire AC Operation
  • Full automatic setting of the limits
  • Made To Measure Fully Assembled Tracks
  • Suitable For Straight, Continuous Curve and Bay Windows
  • Compatible With Home Automation, Smart Systems and Building Management
  • Track With Self Lubricating Design For Straight and Curved Tracks

Hard Wired MD925 (4 Wire)

The MD925 Rail - 4 Wire Curtain track system offers a huge range of possibilities for the home and commercial applications.  This motorised Curtain system is designed to be either hard wired to a wall switch, connected to a home automation system or a building management system. From smart phone to IPad control it can also be added as part of a mood scene working with additional lighting and AV systems demonstrating how flexible the MD925 really can be.

The intelligent motor automatically sets the stop positions for the open and closing of the curtains, making set up effortless.

Once set, the motor is hidden from view as it is covered by the curtain or recessed in the Ceiling making the finished product very aesthetically pleasing.

Every Curtain track is custom made to your requirements and specification, whether it be for a continuous curve, multi sided bay or simply a straight track we have it covered.

This system adds to the Luxury and comfort of your surroundings without complication in homes and hotels or general commercial venues.

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