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Electric Roman Blinds

Benefits of electric Roman blinds

  • Quiet, smooth operation
  • 500mm - 4000mm Head Rail widths
  • Home automation compatible
  • iPhone Operation
  • Fine adjustment feature to get the perfect position
  • 4 wire, Radio, KNX, Mechanical Limit Options
  • Easy setting of limits from the remote
  • Single and group command possible with up to 16 transmitters
  • Prolong the look of the fabric

WiFi Controlled Roman Blinds - Hub Free

Remote Control Roman Blinds

The Raex made to measure Electric Roman blind head rail system offers you that touch of elegance and gives effortless control over your blind.  We manufacture electric head rail widths from 500mm - 4000mm.  The 24V DC option is ideal for those smaller blinds up to 2.2 m wide using a medium weight fabric.  If your Roman Blind uses a heavier fabric or covers a much larger window width you can take advantage of our 230V AC system.  The 230V AC can lift much heavier blinds and cope with widths up to 4 m with very large drops.

All our head rail systems can be controlled by the touch of a button or autonomously using the YRL2016 Timer remote control whether your at work or on Holiday.  Alternatively, Raex's Roman blind head rail systems can be manufactured  to integrate with the increasingly popular Home automation systems available in todays market.  All you need to do is specify the requirements at the time of order and our production department will do the rest.  

Electric Roman Blind Head Rails

Roman blinds are quite often a heavy window dressing due to the quality of fabrics used and the lining intergrated on the back to reduce light penetration.  More and more people are considering Electric roman blind head rails for this type of application as it is a much easier way to operate the blind and avoids damaging or marking the fabric that can be inherent with the chain operated systems.    

We offer either motorised head rails to suit all applications or the components so you can build into your existing system.  The smaller 35mm head rail is a low voltage solution and is ideal for the smaller windows where space is limited.  We also manufacture a 50mm head rail system which can cope with very large blinds and heavy weights.  All systems can be configured to work with either a remote control, hard wired wall switch or Home automation systems. 

Motorising Roman blinds could not be easier and it adds that touch of class to go with an already premium window covering.  They are completely child safe and help to prolong the life and appearance of the blind.