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Electric Curtain Track

Electric Curtain Track

Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Curtains and Electric Curtain Poles

Do you supply curtains with the electrical curtain track?

We only supply the motorised tracks and controls and do not supply curtains.  You can use curtains, with ordinary hooks and if desired request our 80mm Wave system to give the uniform and balanced look.

Can the Raex electric track pull and support Heavy Curtains?

The MD360 model has a pulling capacity of up to 50Kg which can be increased to 90Kg when using a double motor system on Straight tracks for electric curtains.  The MD950 model can cope with even more.  This covers most domestic and commercial applications. 

How is the Track fixed in place?

We supply adjustable wall fix brackets to cope with walls or bay windows that may or may not be truly square or a swivel bracket that is fixed to the ceiling.  We calculate the number of brackets required and supply as part of the system.  Additional brackets can be supplied if required.  

Will the hooks on my curtains work with the electric curtain track.

A normal curtain hook will work seamlessly well with the track gliders. Please note that we do not supply hooks with the tracks for electric curtains.

Do you supply spare parts for the Electric Curtain tracks?

Spare parts can be supplied if required, through the life of the system. 

Does the Track Length Include the motor?

The electric curtain motor is included as part of the curtain track length and is hid from view by the curtain wrapping around the motor. 

Can I still open and close my curtains if I have a power cut?

The MD Range of motors are designed to address exactly this kind of a problem.  If you have a power cut the Electric curtains can be operated by gently pulling them in the usual way into the open or closed position.  When the power is re-applied you just need to open and close them once to datum the system.

What if I lose the transmitter for my remote control curtains?

If you lose the transmitter you can still operate our remote control curtains.  Most models have a built in touch control function which means you can tug the curtains to either open or close them and the intelligent motor kicks in and starts to move automatically.  We would recommend that you replace the remote control at some point in the future though.

Can the electric track be bent to fit my bay window or made into a continuous curve?

We have supplied shapes of all kinds to our customers over the years from continuous curves with reverse bends to seven sided bays.  We will require certain measurements and send you a drawing of what we are about to make before the electric track goes into production.

The MD Electric Curtain Track range facilitates many types of application and can be controlled in several different ways.  The battery option offers the benefits of a mains powered system but caters for the retro fit market where there is no power available, the 4 wire 240VAC system is used with hard wired switches or home automation control and of course there is always the remote control mains powered system. Most of our Electric Curtain track systems come with an RJ11 Dry contact socket which gives the benefit of connecting to a home automation system while still being able to be operated by the primary control.

Having Electric Curtains has never been so easy and the benefits of a cost effective solution will not compromise the functionality of our Electric Tracks, see some of the features below.


  • Soft Start Soft Stop
  • Quiet smooth operation
  • Wave glider options
  • Radio and Touch Integrated Control
  • Self setting stop positions
  • Child Safe
  • Building Management System Compatible
  • Timer Option (Holiday / Security) On radio controlled models
  • Manually operated in the case of a power cut
  • Suitable for Bays and Continuous curves (Shaped in house)

Technology moves so fast in today’s world, you only need to read about what has happened with the Coronavirus vaccine advancements to realise that.  Electric curtain tracks are also evolving and quicker than most people anticipated.  Once upon a time you had to stand by a switch to operate them, now you do not have to be in the home or even the same country for that matter to operate your curtain track today.  The scenario feature in the WiFi system can be set up to cope with heat and light management and are preprogramed to be self automated to a criterion that suits you.In the scenario menu you can combine lights to come on when the curtains are closed amongst other things to give that warm welcome when you come home or to create the impression you are at home to deter intruders.

Motorising your Curtains with one of the Raex electric curtain track solutions couldn’t be easier.  All the tracks are made to your specific requirements. You can choose from a range of Radio Control, Mains powered, Battery powered, WiFi and iPhone systems or Heavy duty for those wide and heavy applications, plus many more options.Some of the range comes with a 3 pin plug so you do not necessarily require an electrician.

• Up to 10m long (Call to discuss for longer sizes)
• Standard UK plug
• Easy installation
• Option to bend
• 5 year warranty (Battery 3 year)

Curtain tracks compatible with Alexa and Google