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Solar Powered Curtains and Blinds

Harness the energy of the Sun

Solar power has gained a lot of pace over the years, more and more products are hitting the market and covering nearly every aspect of human life.  The Technology has improved so much since the earlier incarnations of Solar panels.  

Solar powered Curtains and Blinds are no exception, they are an excellent way to contribute to the management of your properties carbon footprint.  They help the control of room temperature, remove the cost of an electrician and can be retro fitted just about anywhere in the home.  Maintenance is minimised which makes them a fit and forget system that practically take care of themselves, especially if used in conjunction with the Timer remote control to open and close the curtains or blinds whether you are at home or not.   

Raex Solar powered Curtains and Blinds come as a collection of solutions to suit your application.  The Functionality is the same as our mains powered range of motors, giving that fully automated experience that you come to expect from our range.  

Compatible with most Home Automation systems including Amazon Alexa you couldn't ask more of a Solar powered system.

Our Range of Curtain Tracks, Poles and Roller Blind motors are all complemented by Solar panels and bring advantages beyond cleaner energy, although this may be the most important.  The retrofit possibilities speak for themselves, no need for chasing out walls and running mains cables, the cost of an electrician becomes redundant and once fitted the systems need little if any maintenance.  By using a Timer remote control the system becomes completely autonomous.