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United Kingdom

WiFi Controlled Electric Curtains and Blinds

The Raex WiFi range of motors are the latest in innovative technology and tipped to be the motors of the future. They have several advantages over other types of motor technology, for example you do not require a Hub as it is all done direct off your smart phone, you can adjust stop positions and set timers to open and close the window application using your smart phone and control them from anywhere in the world.

The WiFi range is compatible with Alexa and Google for voice control, and if for any reason your WiFi does go down there is the option to use the remote control back up, giving you that confidence of complete control at all times.

But it doesn’t stop at window applications, the universal App is supported by a growing number of global manufacturers offering products like lights, sockets, sensors, security products and much much more, getting you around the one App for one product scenario. You can slowly convert your home into a smart home and find it all in one place.

When setting up your WiFi Curtain or blind you will see in the video that the user experience of the App is completely intuitive but if you do have any issues, we are here to help. 

Curtain tracks compatible with Alexa and Google