AVBL From Becker Motors UK . Europa House

Wharf Road

Burton Unpon Trent

DE14 1PZ

United Kingdom

Heavy Duty Electric Curtains

  • Quiet operation
  • Electro - Mechanical Limits
  • Curtains can be openned manually in case of power failure
  • High Torque AC motor
  • Used with either and External wall switch or smart system
  • Made To Measure Fully Assembled Tracks
  • Suitable For Straight, Continuous Curve and Bay Windows
  • Compatible With Home Automation, Smart Systems and Building Management
  • Durable Self Lubricating Design For Straight and Curved Tracks

Hard Wired M100 (4 Wire)

The M100 Heavy Duty hard wired curtain track system is perfect for large heavy stage, commercial and even domestic Curtain applications. This Electric Curtain system is perfect for wiring into home automation or building management systems using mains switching. Also ideal for large bay windows and generally heavy curtains.                    

In extreme cases where the curtains are either quite large, very heavy or both the M100 high torque motor can be dual mounted to further increase its pulling capabilities.

Once Set the motor is out of view as it is covered by the curtain making the finished product very aesthetically pleasing.

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